A little about me

  • I majored in art in high school and was accepted to Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. An illness prompted me to change course though, and I studied psychology and special education at Temple University instead. My interest in art stayed with me throughout a long and satisfying career working with disabled adults; and, while I continued studying drawing and painting, I found myself more and more interested in photography. I continued to study art in my spare time, but I was very grateful to be able to retire in 2006 and devote more time and energy to photography. Since then I have studied photography more seriously and most recently have taken up Photoshop artistry, which allows me to combine photography with other arts such as painting and drawing.
  • Photography absorbs me like nothing else does. I lose track of time and don’t think about eating. It helps me see the world around me instead of letting it rush by, and it helps me share what I see. I find myself drawn to flowers – their colors and textures and the intricacies of the lines and patterns. There’s a special magic in backlit translucent petals. I also enjoy exploring the mundane and finding beauty and fascination where I wouldn't have expected it to be. Everyday things – things that I might not otherwise have taken the time to notice – can become fascinating, aesthetically pleasing, or dramatic when I imagine them through the lens of my camera. Photography helps focus my attention on a small piece of reality, separated from the other visual stimuli that normally surround and obscure it. Its inherent beauty then has a chance to be viewed and appreciated.